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Miss Rachel Burkman

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I have loved art all of my life but I have only just begun to understand it. … Realism, using graphite as the medium, has been my preferred style for years. It is a style that is honest, straightforward, and gets directly to the point. As someone who tends to be all over the place, it is soothing to my soul to focus closely on the smallest of details. I love pouring over a small square inch of space and seeing everything there is that makes up that tiny section of a larger piece. I often forget what it is that I am even drawing until I step back and see the sum of those details. Drawing is my meditation. Realism gives me an excuse to slow down.


Though Realism is my specialty, I like taking a break from it. In addition to graphite, I work with acrylic paint, ink, and sharpie. These mediums I find to be much more forgiving. For me, they are imperfect and allow me to loosen up my style. I love sketching. It’s raw and real. It loosens up my grip on the pen and allows me to explore my creative side. I am able to finish pieces much more quickly and with more freedom. 


Recently, I have taken up digital art. I have been creating my own deck of Tarot cards in order to practice the different tools available. I chose a darker style because I enjoy working in black and white and it allows me to transition to digital media much easier. After all, I didn’t start my journey as an artist with Realism. It all starts with a sketch…

Commissions Available: Graphite, Acrylic Painting, Ink, and Sharpie

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