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Project Realty is an art installation service available for those looking to enhance their real estate with local art. We offer exclusive access to a private gallery composed of hand-picked art from local creators and follow a detailed checklist to curate an exhibition unique to each property. Our services will give your listings a personal touch while directly supporting local art and community. Our services are reasonably priced and our process is professional and efficient.


$150 Consultation and Art Staging Report

During this two hour consultation, we will be using a detailed checklist to curate your private gallery and take notes on installation information.


Starting with a phone call or email, we will go through an initial checklist to help us curate a unique gallery of local art specific to your property and buyer demographic. 


We will then arrange a time to walk through the house together, taking measurements, marking placements, asking additional questions about the home, and reviewing pieces in your private gallery.


We will end the consultation by reviewing the Art Staging Report together and making alterations to it if necessary. We will then determine how you would like us to move forward with the process and make arrangements. 


(We will work with you up to 2 hours for the consultation with any additional hours reverting to a $75 hourly rate.)

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